Mutant Recycled Tyre Sculptures By Yong Ho Ji

Korean artist Yong Ho Ji recycles old tires and turns them into incredible works of art. From animals to humans and even animal/human hybrids these tire sculptures are truly amazing, which he dubs “Mutant Mythos”

Most of these sculptures are life sized or larger.

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New one for SooJin Buzelli at Planadviser magazine, based on the concept of “The importance of the right training/knowledge is power.” A pretty tricky phrase to illustrate, particularly since I needed to encapsulate both of those slightly different ideas. I like all the other sketches, but this is the only one that clicks with the concept. A nice thing with SooJin’s assignments is that I often get neat sketches that I can reuse later one for personal stuff.

Bottom is the color study, which, in some ways I prefer, but it made me too sleepy. Flashbacks of falling asleep in overly warm classrooms.


Films, films, films;
the fifth element (1997)

Negative, I am a meat popsicle.


Emily Calmady (1794–1855)

by George Henry Harlow

Oil on canvas, 90 x 70 cm

Collection: National Trust


NASA astronaut films lightning from ISS

Astronaut Reid Wiseman posted a Vine from the International Space Station today showing lightning over Houston.

Tornado warnings were issued in the Houston area earlier this afternoon but have since expired.


Background paintings from The Art of The Wind Rises



I liked how this comic page turned out

(had to split it up because of the height)

The darkness closes. I am shielded by flame.
Andraste, guide me. Maker, give me your strength.


artist: Vasili Zorin



Improved the Hawkeye poster for Avengers 2.


At the White House Pride luncheon earlier today. I met the President and First Lady. She hugged me and is a fan of @oitnb #oitnb #starstruck and


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